• Video Conferencing

    Denise Centanzo

    (856) 589-8500 x7329

    IPVC / Video Conferencing

    • Classroom to classroom
    • School to School
    • Global Classroom through an  IP Connection- Virtual Field Trips
    • Broadcast of Video Conference



    Distance Learning within the WTPS District - No additional cost

    • High School - Classroom to classroom, HS to Middle School, or Elementary School
    • Middle School - Classroom to classroom, MS to Elementary, MS to HS, or MS to MS
    • Elementary School - Classroom to classroom, Elementary to Elementary, Elementary to MS or HS 


    Distance Learning with other districts

    • High School to other school districts

    • Middle School to other school districts

    • Elementary School to other school districts

     Distance Learning Virtual Field Trips


    • Some trips are free
    • Museums
    • NASA
    • United Nations 
    • Science Centers
    • Zoos
    • Government sites
    • National Parks