• Question 1 Starting the Day


    • Q: Do students have to log in a certain time of day?
    • A. Not specifically, students should work during the school day to get work done. Typically a student will begin work at 8am. This keeps kids in the academic routine. They should be keeping up with email and emailing their teachers. Update: Teachers are expected to post their lessons by 9:30 am


    Question 2 Talking to a Live Person

    • Q: What happens if I need to speak with a person instead of email.
    • A. Mr. D'Ostilio (Principal) and Dr. Muscelli (Assistant Principal) have set up phone lines that allow for text and voicemail. We will try to take the live calls but it won't always be possible. That being said, we will check these lines regularly and get back to you as soon as possible. Additionally, Mr. D'Ostilio is the point person for the 8th grade and Dr. Muscelli is the point person for the 6th and 7th grades.
    • Mr. D'Ostilio's Contact is mdostilio@wtps.org (Email)/856-318-9386 (Talk or Text)
    • Dr. Muscelli's Contact is gmuscelli@wtps.org (Email)/856-362-4441 (Talk or Text)


    Question 3 Expected Work/Deadlines


    • Q. How much work is expected, what if my child can't make the deadlines?
    • A. Teachers are trying to give 20-30 minutes of work a day per class. If your child is struggling with more work or time management, please reach out to the teachers to let them know the pitfalls. Deadlines are expected to be adhered to, but there will be some latitude. However, please make sure your child is keeping up with work. Your child should not be getting additional homework on top of these assignments. Please let Dr. Muscelli and I know if homework is being assigned.


    Question 4 Getting in Touch with Teacher via Phone


    • Q: If I want to talk to my child's teacher, what do I do?
    • A: Teachers have been given permission to reach out by phone based on their comfort or cell phone plan. If a teacher calls, it will be either "blocked" or "no caller ID" to preserve the privacy of the teacher's cell number. Phone conference would be arranged via email and then the teacher would call at the appointment time.



    Question 5 Grades in PowerSchool


    • Q: When are teachers going to put grades in?
    • A: Since teachers are being flexible with deadlines, grades might not be entered as timely as you would hope or what has been our practice. Teachers are trying to have the quickest turnover with grades possible.



    Question 6 Teachers Returning Emails


      • Q: Why is it that sometimes I email a teacher at the end of the day, and he/she doesn't get back to me until the next day?
      • A: Since its a long day for everyone, if the teacher receives an email after 3pm or so, he or she may not have the opportunity to respond until the following day. Thanks for your patience with that.



    Question 7 Internet, Devices, and Wifi


    • Q: What do I do if my computer fails to work or I'm having trouble with my software.
    • A: Scroll Down to the IT Section and Click on the Links or go directly to https://www.wtps.org/Domain/3156 for the Technology COVID-19 Page of the District




    Question 8 IEPs/504s/I and RS Plans


    • Q: Who do we seek out if we need clarification if our child has a specialized academic program and need to talk to someone about it?
    • A: We have a myriad of peole that can help. Remember, to reach a person via email, type in the staff members first initial of his/her first name, followed by the last name then @wtps.org




    Question 9 Student Learning Gaps and Preparedness for Next Grade Level



    • Q: What is going to happen to help students fill in the gaps of learning due to the students being taught remotely?
    • A: Currently, we have scaled lessons way back. We have reviewed our curriculum and have given the students what we deem most essential to solidify learning while not all lessons may be at the rigor of expectation for the classroom. In our administrative meetings, we have discussed how Supervisors next year will have to look at their curriculum and have articulation meetings as to the expected readiness of the students. We understand that pacing may need to be adjusted and reteaching happen a lot more next year in the fall. We will go through the 2020-21 school year, where we are able to accelaerate units in content areas and spend more time on others depending on the readiness of the child. We are prepared that there may be a gap in instruction and are making plans to remediate that gap either by curriculum or teaching practices.




    Question 10: Virtual Learning at a Specified Time


    • Q: Why aren't teachers teaching lessons at specified times during the day and having "class."?
    • A: There are several factors that go into this. It is incredibly difficult to have all students online at the same time per class. We have families that are sharing devices, we have families with different internet connectivity, we have families that are working where the older sibling has chip in and help with the household. Due to this unpredicatability, we have to be as equitable as possible. We have found that the best vetted course of action is to give lessons, check in via email with the students, and make ourselves available through Microsoft Teams, Schoologoy, Email, or WebEx to provide that feedback if a student reaches out to let us know they're struggling or we ourselves find a disconnect in the work the student is turning in versus their proficiency on an assessment. The model that we're employing here is to try to take into account all situations, while at the same time providing more opportunity for feedback. We are leaving it up to the familiy's individual needs to come up with a suitable working schedule for the family's needs. Our counseling department page on our website has a link to help students organize their day. You can download the form here at https://www.wtps.org/Page/30319 or you can use a Check off list, which you can find here: https://www.wtps.org/Page/30372.