• Bulldog Families,

    We need your help. Our teachers are working hard and families are working hard as well to keep the children motivated to do the work. Since many teachers are making themselves available through video conferencing, students need to understand that they are still "in school". This means when a teacher comes on the screen or when the teacher opens a test for a specific window of time, the students are expected to show proper readiness to learn...we've noticed students talking with their peers in the background, letting the meeting be on the computer without paying attention, playing video games during the meeting, etc. We've had some students unfortunately say they can't test or do the assignment because they are napping.



    To be honest it's not everyone but it's enough to be incredibly frustrating as a teacher is planning the lesson and the student isn't paying attention then asks for a redo on an assignment. It's hard in the remote setting for both parent and teachers to watch over the students as we normally can in the classroom. We understand that students can't do everything at a specific time, but we do expect that if we give enough heads up that there will either be a test or a conference that the student is ready to participate. We recognize that students are finding their way as they learn email etiquette and responsibility. Any support you can give the teachers regarding reminding students of the expectations would be awesome and very much appreciated.