• High School

    Mission Statement

    Washington Township High School as part of the Washington Township School District will provide an educational environment for all students to attain the skills necessary for full participation in our global society as responsible, self-directed, and civic-minded citizens.


    Our school believes that students should learn to set realistic goals for themselves.  

    Our School Goals

    • To maintain communication with the community so as to enhance support for the school and its programs, to highlight the accomplishments of our programs, students, and staff, and to garner support for the passage of the school budget.
    • To improve student performance on standardized testing.
    • To evaluate and where necessary increase the quality and expectations of college preparatory level programs to ensure that students are, in fact, provided with the skills and attitudes commensurate with college level work.
    • To continue our investigation of block scheduling.
    • To increase personalization in our large high school so as to maintain and enhance a "climate of belonging."
    • To work together in our classrooms and throughout the school to maintain a climate of respect conducive to our educational purpose and to ensure that through our instruction students obtain, not only academic skills and knowledge, but also the opportunities to develop both the attitudes and the character necessary to succeed and contribute in society.


    Number of Teachers: 243 (full and part-time)
    Number of Administrators: 10
    Number of Secretaries: 19


    Number of Students: 2615
    Grade 9: 630
    Grade 10: 651
    Grade 11: 646
    Grade 12: 683