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    The course is an introduction to the many facets of the private enterprise system and of the businesses that operate within its framework.  Your experience in this course will enable you to gain a better understanding of how a business operates and which business functions are needed in any business enterprise.  The course will focus on influences on the economic systems, owning a business, operating a business, the role of money in business, marketing to the consumer, technology in the workforce, business simulations, and careers in the business world. 
    You will also become familiar to advanced levels of the business education curriculum including concepts in:  business systems, workforce demographics, social responsibility, business ethics, types of business organizations, entrepreneurship, small business and franchise systems, management processes, human resource management, marketing, management, business finance, business decision‐making, international business and the future dimensions of business opportunities in a global economy.  
     Students have the opportunity to participate in DECA (An Association for Marketing Students).

    This course is a five (5) credits course meeting Career & Technical Education (Practical Arts) graduation requirements.


  • Contact: Rosalyn Gill at rgill@wtps.org or 856-589-8500  x 7527