•  MArketing
    Principles of Marketing  

  • Principles of Marketing                             Grade 9-12 5 credits / 5 ppw

    This course prepares students to meet the challenge of the modern-day marketplace. Emphasis is placed on the development of attitudes, skills, understandings related to marketing, merchandising, and management. The complete retail process including sales, pricing, communicating, displaying, and advertising will be assimilated into the course. This course teaches students logically and systematically about the world of marketing while motivating them to develop the necessary skills to enter the field of sales and marketing and to move ahead in it. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in DECA activities. Since marketing is one of the major underpinnings of our society today, all students should study this area and its impact on both the American economic system as well as on the international economy. The study of marketing can provide the springboard for challenging and lucrative careers. You will use the computer as a TOOL for the class.  You are not to use the computer to check power school, check personal email, surf the internet or play games.  Misuse of the equipment will not be tolerated.  



    Everything will be turned in and assigned a point value which will reflect how much it is factored into your grade.  This course is graded under Total Points.

    A.    Quizzes                          15%

    B.     Class Work                    25%

    C.     Tests                              20%

    D.    Projects                         25%

    E.     Participation                  15%

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