Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Maria Luisa Indriso


   My name is Mrs. Indriso. I am a Family and Consumer Science teacher. I teach Child Development and Careers in Childcare at the Core Daycare Center. I have also taught Culinary Arts and Sewing/ Fashion Design in addition to F&CS at the middle school level. Although I have been teaching for nine years, I have been a professional in the field of Family and Consumer Science for twenty years. It is this experience and knowledge I bring to my classroom every day.    

   I have a strong passion for what I teach. My desire as a teacher in this field is to allow my students to develop skills and talents they will be able to use in either their personal or professional lives. 

   Students will be graded on participation in lab work, in addition to completing written assignments and tests. I also expect students to maintain an organized folder which will be graded each marking period. Grades will be posted and updated on Power School. 

   I have two rules in my classroom: 1. Do things that will not prevent me from teaching, and you or others from learning. 2. Respect yourself, others, and the school. I encourage students to be safe, responsible, and respectful at all times. 

   I am excited to start the new school year.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any concerns. You can reach me at (856) 589-8500 x7457 or by e-mail: