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Ms. Muermann

  • Welcome to Honors Chemistry!!

    I'm looking forward to sharing my love of Chemistry (and corny Chemistry puns) with you.  :-)  This page contains everything you need to know to get ready to take Honors Chemistry. 
    First, make sure you do the summer assignment for this course, and have it ready to turn in on the first day of school.  (You can find the specifics on the Summer Assignments page for Honors Chemistry).
    Next, read the "Policies and Procedures" handout to find out important information about the course, including the required materials. This contract will need to be signed by students and parents when you return to school.
    The "Layout" handout will give you an idea of which chapters and topics we'll be covering each marking period.

    Honors Chem Layout

     The "WTHS Science Department Mission Statement" and the "WTHS Science Safety Contract" will also need to be read and signed by all students and parents when you return to school.

    Finally, if you are an athelete, make sure you're informed of how your atheletic eligibility will be affected by taking a lab science.  Specific information can be found in the following document: