• Assignment for 3/19

    Jazz Band: SWBAT employ the technique of purposeful practice. Perform specific measure for teacher assessment. 

    Activities: Warm up with ii V I in Bb and F. 

    Record Blueberry Jam from the pickup to 25 through measure 49. You may practice and record as many times as you need to make the recording the best it can be. Upload to the Assignment Blueberry Jam in Unified Classroom. 

    Fill out the Microsoft form to let me know how it went. https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=MNRd2DZlrkS7nnRxZaAHNTZdKZMVmENImMpX6fNCg7dURDZZVFo3QlhBVTZMSjBIREVWWFkwTjlGWS4u    

    Be sure to click submit for me to receive the form.