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    Here are a few links to art projects to check out.



    1. Draw Every Day with JJK


    Every weekday at 2PM ET for at least the next few weeks, Jarrett J. Krosocozka, an author and illustrator, will host free webcast for you and your kiddos. If you can't watch live, each art lesson will be archived. Get your kids creating, drawing, using their imagination. We will get through this together.


    lunch doodles

    2. LUNCH DOODLES with Mo Willems!


    In his first LUNCH DOODLE, Mo welcomes you into his studio at home and guides you through drawing activities using one of his favorite characters as inspiration!




    3. Keith Haring Coloring Book


    Keith Allen Haring was an American artist whose pop art and graffiti-like work grew out of the New York City street culture of the 1980s.




    4. KIDMONS


    Paint online is the perfect video game for kids that are fond of drawing and painting. Kids need to let their creativity fly away, and what better way than giving them the tools to create Art? Painting is a great way to express yourself and communicate emotionally; kids don’t just love to draw, they also need it to be able to communicate and to progress intellectually. Until a certain age children aren’t able to speak or express themselves the way they want verbally or through speech, that is why painting is for them a way to express their feelings and thoughts. And, in the end, isn’t that what Art is about?