Week 10 & 11: (May 26th-29th) (June 1-5) 2020


    UPDATE: Week of June 1st-5th is "CATCH-UP WEEK". Try to have all work completed from Lessons Weeks 1-10.

    For those students that have completed all the lessons you may go create another Lego Person. Have fun with it.

    When you email me a picture of your art work at rherzog@wtps.org , make sure you include your First and Last Name, Teacher's Name, and Grade.


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       lego people


    How to Draw Lego People


    Please remember, include your first and last name, teacher's name, and grade when you email me. Thanks!  



    Welcome to Mr. Herzog's Second Grade Online Lessons:


    Drawing Lego People:


    Before we start, let's watch a couple of videos about drawing simple Lego people. You do not have to watch all of these videos, you may pick and choose what you would like to check out:

     Masked Lego

    Lego People:


    How to Draw a Lego Self Portrait:



    How to Draw a Lego Man:



    How to Draw a Lego Character:



    How to Draw a Simple Lego Mini-figure:




    lego image  

    Please read through instructions before you begin:

    • Use a 8 1/2" x 11" white piece of paper (any paper will do).
    • Hold the paper vertically or horizontally depending on how you want to draw your Lego person.
    • Carefully draw your Lego person in the center of the paper. (See examples)
    • Draw your Lego Person large enough so that your hand can not cover it.
    • You may draw your Lego person as yourself, essential worker, or super hero.
    • Think about the details you would like to include in your drawing, as the video demonstrated.
    • Once you are done drawing your Lego person, color your character in completely as well as the background. This is important for the grade on your project!!
    • You may use any colors you would like.
    • You may color your Lego person in crayon, magic markers, water color, or color pencils (whatever supplies you have at home).
    • Use bright colors to color in the background.
    • I can't wait to see your Lego People!
    • Remember: once you are finished with your artwork, take a picture of it and email it to rherzog@wtps.org. Include the students name and teacher's name and grade. I cannot grade artwork that does not have this information. I will post it on Bells Online Art Gallery. 


     Here are a few examples of Lego People.


    police          2            waitress  


    janitor             nurse


    hockey           ballet    


    baseball            doctor


    librarian                 science


    artist                 racer


    wrestler                astronaut



    Here are a few Super Hero examples:











    Here are some drawing examples:



                     super man               police


                    batman                 nurse






    Have fun creating your "Lego People"!