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50 Grand (Champions)

Wedgwood Elementary School Places 50th Grand Champion Student Using First in Math Program


WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP – Wedgwood Elementary School recently celebrated its 50th First in Math Wall of Fame inductee for the 2022-23 school year. Third-grader Charlotte Egan, a student in Mrs. Kelly Abbruzzese’s class, became the most recent Grand Champion using the First in Math online program and joined 49 other schoolmates in achieving this honor. In order to earn Grand Champion status, a student must solve more than 30,000 math problems to earn 10,000+ stickers.  

First in Math was designed with focus, coherence and rigor as its cornerstones. Self-paced activities target mastery of procedural skills and fluencies that are essential for internalizing and demonstrating conceptual understanding in mathematics. Students earn stickers for problems solved correctly.


Below are the names of the 50 2022-23 Wedgwood School First in Math Wall of Fame inductees in the order they achieved Grand Champion status (pictured in above photo illustration): Hannah Chen (grade 4), Andrei Penaverde (grade 4), Robert Taylor (grade 4), Janice Chen (grade 4), Cayla Caveng (grade 5), Ronald Myers (grade 2), Lucia Castillo (grade 4), Alex Karasik (grade 5), Brady Piperata (grade 4), Gavin Sauers (grade 4), Keira Seymour (grade 4), Riley Long (grade 2), Kali Jones (grade 3), Daisy Chen (grade 1), Chelsea Gallagher (grade 2), Nathaniel Torres (grade 5), Jackson Gore (grade 4), Aaron Strauss (grade 1), Ryker Myers (grade 1), Brooke Chaloult (grade 1), Dylan Kane (grade 4), Marcus Chen (grade 3), Ava Fasulo (grade 4), Shane Convery (grade 5), Ava Lentz (grade 5), Declan Rainey (grade 2), Afrin Islam (grade 5), Addison Martin (grade 5), Quinn Spera (grade 3), Alani Elam (grade 2), Muteeb Rehman (grade 3), Riley Crowder (grade 2), Cameron Downs (grade 3), Timothy Kopicko (grade 4), Prizleen Kaur (grade 1), William Stoklosa (grade 1), Jocelyn Cueva (grade 5), Muneeb Rehman (grade 1), Sohpia Oliveti (grade 4), A’layah Hamilton (grade 5), Joey Watson (grade 5), Chase Brown (grade 5), Khloe Leacott (grade 5), Kieran Meehan (grade 3), Colin Flannery (grade 5), Madalynn Rainey (grade 5), Ty’on Newby-Mack (grade 5), Emily McLaughlin (grade 2), John Zachowski (grade 4), and Charlotte Egan (grade 3).


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