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Board of Education Recognizes Retiring Board Secretary and School Business Administrator

Washington Township Board of Education President Julie Kozempel presented a plaque of recognition to Board Secretary and School Business Administrator Peg Meehan at the Board’s public meeting and Meehan’s last meeting on July 24th.  Meehan has served the District for 26 years and is retiring on July 31, 2019.


“The Board wanted to acknowledge Peg Meehan for all of her work as our school board administrator, basically the person who is in charge of all non-instructional areas of school district, its financial integrity, as well as oversight of human resources, payroll, security, operations, the performing arts center and many other things,” Kozempel said. “Peg also has been a leader in the county, has worked under six superintendents and many Board members and central administration directors. She is like an encyclopedia for us, not just a business administrator, because she can recall the history of important things that have happened in the District and has given us great advice and counsel over the years, in a job that she has devoted her life to. Peg always had the best interest of kids in mind, and she is a great person.”


“If anyone is deserving of a long, restful and enjoyable retirement, it is Peg Meehan,” Superintendent of Schools Joe Bollendorf said. “To say that she has worked tirelessly on behalf of our students, staff and this community would be the understatement of my life.  Peg’s knowledgeable input influenced every aspect of our educational efforts, our facilities and our programming at every level and in every school for close to three decades. Her expertise and dedication have helped to bring us fiscal stability, tremendous growth and a reputation of excellence in the region.  We are grateful for her professionalism and wish her well in her retirement.” 


The plaque read:  The Washington Township Board of Education honors Margaret F. Meehan for 26 years of dedicated and exemplary service in guarding the fiscal strength of the District - May 10, 1993 to July 31, 2019




Washington Township Board of Education president Julie Kozempel (pictured on right) honored the District’s retiring Board Secretary and School Business Administrator Peg Meehan at the Board’s July 24th meeting.  Meehan departs on July 31st following 26 years of dedicated service.