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Committee Hosts Equity Summit

District Equity Committee Hosts Virtual Equity Summit, Devises Steps for Addressing Students’ and Community Well-Being


WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP – The Washington Township Public Schools’ District Equity Committee gathered for a Virtual Equity Summit on Thursday night, June 4, 2020. It was a night of discussion regarding social justice in the current world climate.


summit 1 “Our group met with a commitment to address the community’s concern with the emotional well-being of our students and their families as we are bombarded with disturbing images of racially motivated acts of violence at almost every turn,” said District Equity Officer Dr. Steve Gregor, who led the meeting alongside District Director of School Counseling Jennifer Grimaldi.


The District Equity Committee agreed on a series of steps intended to work hand-in-hand with that commitment. The steps include:


1.    Construction of a poll for members to determine a preference on the text and graphic that will help brand the District’s effort. The text and graphic is to be used not only on our website (, but also provided for staff members to display prominently.

2.    Development of talking points to assist faculty, staff, and families in helping students understand the impact of racially motivated acts of violence.

3.    Ensuring that school counselors and student assistance coordinators (SACs) will continue to identify student needs to be addressed through individual and group sessions.

4.    Creating and pushing out an online repository of resources for families to support emotional well-being through the current crisis.


“The committee’s input on Thursday was invaluable in creating the blueprint for a strategic response to these trying times,” Gregor said.


In the photo at left, District Equity Officer Dr. Steve Gregor (left) and District Director of School Counseling Jennifer Grimaldi lead the discussion at the Virtual Equity Summit on June 4, 2020.


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For race and equity resources, use these links: Elementary  Middle/High School


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