Whitman Elementary

Home of the Whitman Wildcats


The mission of the Whitman School is to create an equitable atmosphere in which children will develop self-worth, personal excellence, community Whitman Front mindedness, and a sense of responsibility toward themselves and others for the present and the future. We believe students need to experience excellent academic achievement, a feeling that they are part of a school family, and a high rate of participation and recognition. We also believe that a quality staff is essential for student success. In addition we believe that education and learning begin in the home and require the family's on-going involvement through the years. Our mission statement, beliefs, and school activities are developed in conjunction with parents and staff members through a Principal's Advisory Committee.

Quality Facilities:

The facilities at Whitman School meet the needs of the twenty-first century by providing for a safe and secure learning environment and an effective communication and research system. Each classroom is equipped with a telephone; a computer teaching station connected to the Internet and a direct hook up to a TV monitor; and student computer stations. Students also receive specialized instruction in music, art, computers, physical education, and library skills within their own facility.

Class Size / Enrollment:

  • Enrollment: 623
  • Average Class Size: 24 students per homeroom
  • We have 5 classes of each grade first through fifth, a transitional first grade class, and two multiple handicapped classes.

Quality Staff:

Various staff development opportunities were provided to enhance instruction and methods of teaching. These opportunities included
  • technology training;
  • peer coaching;
  • master teacher;
  • computer training;
  • special education/inclusion;
  • postgraduate coursework;
  • several workshops on specialized topics;
  • and training in CPR and the Heimlich procedure.

Every teacher developed computer skills to use computers in an instructional setting;
  • to use Telecommunications/Internet/WWW skills;
  • to develop word processing skills;
  • to record student achievement.

In addition:

  • More than fifty percent of our teaching staff hold Masters Degrees.
  • All teaching staff are New Jersey State Certified.
  • All teaching staff have achieved District Mandated Technology Proficiencies.
  • Teachers take part in workshops including CPR training, computer training, and out of district educational conferences


  • Every homeroom has Internet Access as well as televisions, VCRs and access to Laser Disk players.
  • We have a State of the Art computer lab which houses thirty networked Dell Computers, two laser printers, school wide video and camera equipment.
  • We produce daily live school wide announcements through our digital video system.
  • We have a technology team of 4th and 5th grade students who produce our daily live announcements, take digital pictures and meet once a week in the computer lab.
  • We have digital video and digital still cameras.

The Arts:

  • We have a 10,000 volume media center, on-site reading specialist and librarian.
  • Our library offers an electronic card catalog and Internet accessibility.
  • We have a music room, Chorus and Bell Choir as well as yearly recitals.
  • We have Musical Instrument Instruction as well as an orchestra and band.
  • We have an art room, Honors Art program and yearly art show.