Lauren Krupa
  • I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child/children to the 2016/17 school year and explain what the early childhood counseling program is about.

    The GTECC counselor is here to help young students make the adjustment to formal schooling as non-threatening and comfortable as possible. The counselor is trained to help students realize their fullest potential as a unique person. I am here to aid in the successful development of the child as a whole. I approach this by providing planned programs in the classroom and small groups and/or counseling on an individual basis. The areas we will focus on include enhancing a student’s self-esteem, improving decision-making skills, and friendship skills.
    It is quite possible that your child will be seen by me at some time during the school year. These contacts with me are efforts to assist children to grow in various areas of development, especially in the social and emotional areas. Sometimes, the child only needs to talk or work on an issue in one or two meetings and occasionally, a child may need to come on a more regular basis. Since the counseling program is designed to be a positive approach of contact for your child, I may also contact you with ideas and strategies to assist with your child’s social and emotional growth. If a problem does exist, that we feel warrants parent notification, you will be contacted directly.
    Parents should also feel free to contact me or the classroom teacher with any concerns that may affect your child’s adjustment to school (i.e., separation, divorce, death of a loved one- including pets). 

    Lauren Krupa, M.Ed.
    Guidance Counselor

    Ext. 4425
    For more resources and to view information about classroom guidance lessons, please visit my personal web page