Mr Charles Vogt Your children will be a part of a comprehensive guidance program at Thomas Jefferson School from grades one through five. Each student is introduced to the guidance program as a first grader or when they enter Thomas Jefferson as a new student for the first time.

Classroom guidance lessons are taught every year in each classroom at each grade level. These lessons include: Bullying and teasing issues (including our bullying and teasing policy), importance of sensitivity to differences in individuals, social skills, character education, drug education among others. Individual and group counseling, as well as parent conferencing, is scheduled as needed.

I look forward to working with you and your children in the years to come.


Parents Can Help With Test Preparation!

1. Brainstorm about test topics - encourage your child to review class notes and teacher handouts.

2. Take a practice test - write down questions that could be on the test and review them with your child.

3. Make flash cards - write troublesome questions on index cards with answers on back, use to quiz your child.

4. Review several times - study over a few days, not all in one night.

5. Get enough rest - make sure your child goes to bed on time the night before a test and has a nutritious breakfast the morning of the test.

Congratulate your child on how prepared she/he is!