Washington Township

Public Schools | Sewell, NJ


  • Exploring the Theater - This course is an introduction to all phases of the theater experience, including pantomime, improvisation, basic acting techniques, body movement, audition techniques, stagecraft, make-up, theater history and play production.
  • Actor's Studio - This course offers intensive exercises in voice, movement, imagination, concentration and character Development. Examination of various acting theories prepares the student for practical application of the art of acting. Technical theater is introduced with the study of scenery, lighting, costume, make-up, and other design techniques. As a culminating activity, the class will present a complete dramatic production.
  • Theater Production - Students in this class will learn the various aspects of producing a theatrical production, from the beginning organizational details to final product. Scenery design and construction, props and use of color, style and compositional techniques will be studied. Students will also gain practical experience in the technical aspects of lighting and sound design, costume design and production, and application of make-up