• Upon entering the high school, ninth graders are given one full marking period of Writing Lab.. This course is part of their regular English course experience and teaches them how to do a research report (using the MLA format), as well as the mechanics of the “writing process.” Both of these skills will be extremely helpful to students, both in future English classes and in all other content area courses, which require research and writing. To ensure optimal learning, classes in Writing Lab are half the average size guaranteeing a favorable student to teacher ratio. 
  • For those students looking ahead to their college experience, we offer two highly challenging courses AP Prep 11 and AP (Advanced Placement) English 12. Students who complete these two courses will be well prepared to take the AP English exam, which potentially allows them credit towards their college English requirements. Enrollment in these courses is limited to those students who excel in their English courses during their Freshmen/Sophomore years and receive the recommendation of their English teachers. 
  • Students of all abilities and interests have been considered in the design of English courses at the high school. We provide a sequenced offering of courses ranging from those students who will most likely enter the work force upon graduation to students who aspire to the most prestigious universities in the nation. Students may choose from the following array at each of the four high school grade levels: College Prep English (B), College Prep English (A), Honors English, AP Prep English (grade 11 only), and Advanced Placement English (grade 12 only). A number of electives may also be taken for those interested students: Journalism 1, Journalism 2, Journalism 3, and Creative Writing. 
  • The WTHS Summer Reading Program has been in place for well over two decades, but has recently been restructured to ensure optimal student participation. The NEW mandatory program (initiated in 2010) requires all students to ready either one or two specified books (depending on their course level), chosen by the English Department. These books will then become the central focus of the unit to be taught by all English teachers during the first weeks of school in September. They will be given an objective test as well as a unit grade which will collectively be worth 10-15% of their first marking period grade. The purpose of the program is to keep students’ reading and thinking skills honed during the summer months and to increase their appreciation of literature. 
  • Students in grade 11 are required to pass New Jersey’s state mandated test, entitled the High School Proficiency Assessment (HSPA), in order to graduate from high school. The English Department takes a special leadership role in preparing students for the Language Arts Literacy (reading and writing) section of the test. All English courses 9 through 11 emphasize the reading comprehension and writing skills necessary to be successful in taking the HSPA. In addition, teachers are inserviced regularly in the format and content of the test, so that they can better address the skills needed for all Washington Township students to succeed.