• Students are required to successfully complete three years (15 credits) in Social Studies, including two years of United States History.
  • Ninth graders are required to take a course entitled "World Cultures."
  • These three years of required social studies instruction are designed to provide students with both a global historical perspective as well as a solid base of knowledge and appreciation of the fabric of our American heritage.
  • An emphasis on the historical, political, geographic, economic, and social/cultural aspects of both the human and American experience underscores our social studies program.
  • Instruction in the required courses of World Cultures, United States History I, and US History II, is presented at two levels of rigor: College Prep Level, and Honors Level. Students who meet the selection criteria may opt to pursue Advanced Placement study in United States History I and United States History II.
  • Additional advanced placement options for upperclassmen include AP Economics, AP Psychology, AP American Government and Politics and AP European History.
  • Other electives for upperclassmen include college prep levels of Psychology, Economics, Issues and Themes in 20th Century European and World History, Sociology, and American Government.