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WTHS Graphic Design Students Create Popular Snapchat Geofilters

Growing tired of hearing his students complaining that the geofilters available to them on Snapchat were not cool enough, Washington Township High School graphic design teacher Dale Biebel challenged them to channel their creativity into the designs of their own. Once complete, the students submit their creations to Snapchat, and the professionals at Snapchat decide whether their finished designs are professional enough to be uploaded and assigned to a location.

Now, visitors to Washington Lake Park (by Madison Mulcahy) and Lake Garrison (by Tara Oster) access filters from those locations that were designed by WTHS students and approved by Snapchat. “We are TWP” was designed by Sam Miller. WTHS Core was designed by Nick Mararazzo.

Biebel himself even submitted a winning entry for the Twin Ponds development.

“I produced one myself to show my students that I am still hip and can get a design accepted by Snapchat,” he said.

WTHS students also have designed filters for special events like graduation (Allison Gracie) and Biebel Day (a tribute from his 2015-16 fifth-period class). Their designs have been accepted for Orchard Valley and Bunker Hill Middle School, Sawyers Creek, Whitman Square and more.