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  • WTHS Freshmen Transition Camp

    Join us for the 2019 WTHS Freshmen Transition Camp!  This program is to support our incoming freshmen and assist them in making a smoother transition to the high school.  The camp is scheduled for August 6-8th from 9:00 am until 12:00 pm each day, and the cost is $60.00.  Click here for the camp registration form.



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  • State Releases 2017-18 School Performance Report

    nj spr ovms


    Please click here to access the 2017-18 New Jersey School Performance Reports for Washington Township High School.



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  • Principal Coffee Chats

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Daily Announcements

  • March 21, 2019



    Clubs and Activities Announcements


    A special thank you goes out to Ms. Molloy and our Student Council for their efforts in putting together another successful dodgeball tournament last night.  I also want to thank Mr. Saverase, Mr. Cordner, Mr. Groark, Mr. Hearn, Ms. Schatzman, Mrs. Ackley and Mrs. Pinder for joining me on the staff team that proved to be no match as we took the L against the Student Council Team.


    We salute our Washington Township Police Department and SRO Mr. Leone who coached that team to a performance on the court that proved that our men and women in law enforcement are far better suited to protect and to serve than they are to throw and to catch.


    When all was said and done, Team 12 in Hawaiian Shirts took honorable mention for their costumes.  This team was comprised of:


    Kylie Chavenson

    Thomas Ho

    Shrinath Patel

    Anthony Trivers

    Hayden Bitzinger

    Adam Elamani

    Joon Song

    Jadin Adams


    Best costumes was awarded to Team 1, The Incredibles:


    Chardonnay Schwartz

    Daisy Marrero

    Natalie Santangelo

    Morgan Fitzpatrick

    Alayna Kunicki

    Kiersten Ricciardi

    Alexis Rizzo

    Taylor Crowley


    And the tournament winners, proving that they can get it done with their arms and hands just as they did all year on the field with their legs and their feet, Team 6 - Soccer Boys:


     Sam Flaiano

    Chad Yates

    Michael Pagano

    Will Pollack

    Mike Mulvihill

    Ryan Jobes

    Brett Guetens

    Sean Zemlak


     General Announcements


    Attention Juniors:  Table assignments have been posted in the cafeteria for junior prom.  All students must be in school for the full half day tomorrow in order to attend the junior prom.  Also everyone attending the prom must know their table number and bring their ID.  Only those posted on the list will be admitted to the junior prom.  A reminder that prom begins at 7 and ends at 11.  Please have your ride ready to pick you up by 11.


    Students are reminded that we have a 1/2 day in-service for students tomorrow with dismissal at 12 noon.  Homeroom will be extended so that we can conduct an infrastructure trial to help us prepare for state testing that will begin in mid April.  All students are asked to report to have their laptops fully charged.  Students should also bring standard earbuds that can plug into their laptops.  Bluetooth headphones will not work.


    We are excited for our 2nd No Place for Hate Project that will be led by our Health and PE teachers in class tomorrow.  All students grades 9-12 do not need to dress for PE class tomorrow.  I hope that our students will enter this project with an open mind and an opportunity for us all to become better people, so we can make our school a better place for everyone.  I want to thank our No Place for Hate Committee, that includes many of our student leaders for their efforts in helping to design and support this important program for our school tomorrow.  Let's work together to make WTHS a school that is No Place for Hate.


    Seniors - Be reminded that there is NOT a delayed opening for seniors.  I repeat, seniors are to be in homeroom tomorrow by 7:20 am.  I wanted to make sure I made this very clear as some rumors came my way yesterday that seniors thought or were being told that they could come in late tomorrow without penalty.  That is not true.


    And while we are talking about rumors, let me take a minute to remind our students of some general behavioral expectations.  This is a school.  You are here to learn.  That means we expect you to all be to class on time.  That means that we expect you to make good choices.  Now would be a great time for each student to review our student code of conduct, which can be found in your student handbook or even on the high school webpage.  All students will continue to be held accountable in accordance with the consequences outlined in our student code of conduct.  I'm amazed at the rumors that sometimes come my way.  A few students and staff shared with me yesterday that there is some kind of talk about "fight week".  I'm not sure what that means, but it's embarrassing, and it's disappointing, because we are better than that.  We are better than spreading unnecessary rumors, and we are better than embellishing or exaggerating incidents that occur in or around our school.  But I assure you that any student that engages in a fight will be dealt with accordingly, which includes a 10 day suspension and charges being filed with our WTPD in most cases.  Don't be mistaken.  Don't get it twisted.


    With that, I would like to also take a moment to recognize the hard work of our teaching staff that come to work every day and make the safety of our students their first priority.  I also want to thank our students, a vast majority of whom make very good choices all day long.  You might recall us stressing the idea of "See Something, Say Something" earlier in the year.  I'm counting on us all to work together to make this a hallmark of our school.  Any student or staff member that has credible information regarding the safety of anyone in this building at any time is expected to communicate this to a trusted adult - any teacher or any administrator. 


    Make a difference today by extending a hand, or a hug or just a smile.  You'll be glad you did.


    "Let's make it a great day filled with lots of learning, lots of fun, and lots of reasons to make TWP proud!" 


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  • WTHS 11/12 Wing Anti-Bullying Specialist

    Jamie Oliver

    antibully 529 Hurffville-Crosskeys Road
    Sewell, NJ 08080
    856-589-8500 x7013

    WTHS 9/10 Wing Anti-Bullying Specialist

    Heather Petolicchio

    antibully 509 Hurffville-Crosskeys Road
    Sewell, NJ 08080
    856/589-8500 x7664

    District Anti-Bullying Coordinator

    Katherine Carey
    Washington Township Public Schools
    206 East Holly Avenue
    Sewell, NJ 08080
    (856) 589-6644 x6321
    ABR School and District Grades