Welcome to the Asian American Club

  • What is Asian American Club? 

    Asian American club is for all students who are interested in the various cultures of Asia!  In our meetings, we like to explore and dive into different countries in Asia, watch shows/films, try to teach each other a bit of Asian languages, eat/cook food, etc. 


    Do you have to be Asian to join? 

    NO!  Anyone can join! 


    How do I join? 

    We’re always looking for new members!  If you are interested in joining the Asian American club, please join our Schoology Group at https://wtps.schoology.com/group/3133360899 using the access code: KKT4-8D9F-TW8VB. 

    If you are having trouble joining or just have questions in general, be sure to email us at mwong@wtps.org