• School Newspaper - The Patriot

    Advisers: Mr. Evangelisti & Miss Horan

    The Patriot is the student-produced newspaper at WTHS. Under the guidance of the co-advisors and editor-in-chief, student volunteers write articles for news, editorials, features, entertainment, and sports stories. Students with special interests are encouraged to write columns (such as movie reviews or advice columns).

    Student volunteers are also needed to work as photographers, illustrators and cartoonists. Those with a knowledge of or interest in learning layout and design are also encouraged to participate.

    The Patriot is published several times per year. No prior writing experience is needed. Anyone interested in learning the aspects of producing a newspaper is welcome to join the staff. Meetings are held bi-weekly. Please listen to the morning announcements for notification of this year's first meeting. 

     If you are interested in joining, download and complete the following application and submit it to wthspatriot@gmail.com