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    summer reading

    Choose Your Own Reading Adventure!

    You have the opportunity to read a book of your own choosing and to collect beautiful, powerful, meaningful writing...line by line


    This summer’s pared down version of summer reading minimizes the emphasis on written assignments while maximizing opportunities for student choice! Students are encouraged to preview the list of recommended titles for the grade they will be entering in the fall, however they may select any book they wish to read.  (Note: Honors and AP level courses have additional summer reading requirements outlined below.)

    Please be sure to follow the directions to complete a brief, summer reading reflection activity. This assignment will be turned in the first week of school and graded as a supportive assessment activity.  If needed, students will have the opportunity to conference with their English teacher prior to submitting their assignment. 

    We hope every student continues to develop their reading identities this summer by choosing books that help them grow to understand more about themselves, others, and the world around them!


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    So, where do I find Ebooks for Summer Reading?
    Scroll down this page and click the links and logos 

    myOn Intro
     myON by Renaissance Learning has provided an outstanding opportunity for Washington Township students in middle and high school to access over 7,000 digital books, including a variety of fiction, nonfiction, audiobooks, and news articles.  In addition to their core library of resources, Township students can also choose from a wide variety of published works provided by myOn’s partner publishers. 
    Here is a video for extra help--myOn Video
    School Name--Washington Twp High Sch 9-12
    High School User Name-- Washington
    High School Password-- books
    Ready to log in to myOn?--Click Here

      More Ebooks 
    We have ebooks available in our IMC Catalog!
    Click below to learn how to check out  Ebooks from our Catalog (link on left).  These include books in our IMC collection as well as from the SJ Audiobook and Ebook Download Center.
    (Thank you, Mrs. Thomas, Chestnut Ridge Middle School Librarian, for making the Screencast)
    MHL The Margaret Heggan Library is our local public library.  They have access to many more resources and ebooks.  If you have not already signed up for your free library card,  click the Public Library Access link on the left of this page for information- Click the icon above to go directly to their home page. 
    This just in from our local library.....read about free music lessons online through ArtistWorks ... create your own comics with Virtual Comic Lab.

    The National Emergency Library--Check out this temporary site to borrow ebooks free.  Select the appropriate grade level to be amazed by their selection.  The link will open to the 10-12 grade level books.
     Click image to select ebooks by genre, subject, format or title. This free access has been extended through July.

    We will continue to post digital sources that you can use for online reading.  Check back!
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