IMC Schedule Week of March 20th

Schedule Week of March 13th
  • This week in the IMC we are happy to welcome students making up the NJSLA test as well as students participating in ADL training.


    *Completely Red – We are completely closed. Students may still print but should wait outside the door for a staff member to bring them their documents.

    **Yellow – We are closed to study hall students and students being sent by a teacher to stay and work quietly. Students may come to browse our resources, return books, renew books and checkout books. Students may print and enter to get their own documents.

    ***Green – Open, business as usual

Quick Links

  • Click HERE to access the IMC Code of Conduct

  • Study Hall 

    All students wishing to use the IMC during their study hall period are expected to have something to work on.  


    Want to spend your study hall in the IMC? Watch THIS video to learn how.

    Please note: You cannot create an E-Hall pass for study hall prior to the start of your study hall class period.



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