Girls Gymnastics

  • 2018 Gymnastics Season
    We are looking forward to the upcoming gymnastics season!   Check back for updates during the summer months.  Your 2018 captains (Alyssa Bundy, Lauren Cuccinello, and Alyssa Lombardi) will be in touch with you during the summer with important info.  If you have questions please contact me at
    Anyone who plans to try out for the team must register on FamilyID and get a physical ASAP.  You will not be eligable for tryouts without completing the above. 
    Summer Schedule 

    Tuesday August 14th- meeting and gym set-up 10am-1pm

    Wednesday August 15th- 9am-12pm (tryouts)
    Thursday August 16th- 4pm-7pm (tryouts)
    Friday August 17th- 10am-1pm (tryouts) 
    Monday August 20th- 9am-12pm (tryouts)
    Tuesday August 21st- 10am-1pm 
    Wednesday August 22nd- 9am-12pm 
    Thursday August 23rd- 4pm-7pm 
    Friday August 24th- 10am-1pm 
    Monday August 27th- 4pm-7pm
    Tuesday August 28th- 4pm-7pm
    Wednesday August 29th (first day of school) regular 2:30-5 practice begins  


    Click to view 2018 meet schedule (available soon)

    Team Rules (Please see the attached contract)