Engineering By Design Club & VEX Robotics



    Advisor: Mr.Pat Goliszewski -



    ENGINEERING BY DESIGN (EBD) is a club established for high school students who are interested in participating in STEM competitions and learning about more opportunities in STEM fields. Each year, high school students work with a mentor to explore new skills and ideas and apply what we learn to improve our world. Teams work together to design, build, and test inventions and innovations. We are all inclusive club that respects each other and embraces our individual differences.

    What is it and how do students join? EBD is a club that hones teamwork skills with advance respect and appreciation for STEM. Students can compete in events at local, state, and national levels. Event categories could include robotics and coding, design technology, and mechanical, structural, and aero engineering disciplines. For more information reach out to your Technology Education teacher or look for our EBD Club Group in Schoology. There is no cost to join!

    How can parents and the community get involved?  Parent and community volunteers are invaluable resources and a support base for our students. We are always looking for volunteer judges at local events. We also look for sponsors to invest in our students’ experiences and their educational future.