Degrees and Certifications:

Science National Honor Society

Science National Honor Society is a prominent scientific organization that hopes to inspire the next generation of scientific thinkers by advocating scientific and intellectual thought, advancing the students’ knowledge of classical and modern science, communicating with the scientific community, aiding the civic community with its comprehension of science and encouraging students in their dedication to the pursuit of scientific knowledge that benefits all. 

2023-2024 Executive Board and Advisors

Ms. Angela Cardamone, Advisor

Mrs. Mary Howard, Advisor

Kaitlyn Totora, Advisor

Lorri Zeiders, Advisor


Executive Board Members:

Bryn Bautista

Kayla D,Ottaviano

John Ecker

Thomas Fields

Daniel Forcinito

Madeline Gleason

Payton Jetter

Aaron Kolosowsky

Andriy Miller-Bublyk

Arianna Nelli

Olivia Nelson

Matthew Stein

Emily Westenberger