• Welcome to WTHS Science League!

    Advisors are Mrs. Carpinelli and Mrs. Howard
    Welcome to Science League!
    Please use the links at the left of your screen to keep up with developments in and announcements about our different activities. On some of the pages, you will be able to fill out forms for participants/volunteers, and join in discussions regarding those activities. If you have any questions, please either email acarpinelli@wtps.org or mhoward@wtps.org, or stop by to visit us in G235 or E6, respectively.
    Be sure to join our Remind text alert group and to come to our meetings. Our meetings will be held after school, in G235; please pay attention to Remind text alerts/homeroom announcements. Upon signing up for Science League, you will receive access to our OneNote, which is updated often.
    Club Officers:
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