Boys Bowling

  • New Bowlers Welcome 

    The Varsity & Junior varsity squad is looking forward to new Freshman and Sophomore additions to the team this year, If interested see Mr. Hudock in room A-4

    Your coaches for the 2017/2018 season are:
    Mr. Michael Hudock  
    Miss Nicolette Sarin 
    Forms due in November 1st 
    All interested in trying out for Bowling should have their forms turned in to the Athletic Directors office by November 1. Students without these forms completed and checked off by the try-out date will not be able to try-out on November 15  
    All forms are due in the athletic offfice completed by Nov. 1st.
    No exceptions to this rule !

    Tryouts begin Wednesday,November 15 !
     On Wednesdday November 15, we will hold our first try-out.    All Bowlers will be taken to the Alleys by a team school bus right after school. The Bus will pick us in front of the 11/12 auditorium and at the end of the try-out drop us off at the same place.  The try-outs will be from 3:00 pm to approximately 4:30 pm

    Please bring all necessary equipment to school that day and see Mr. Hudock before or during Home room in room A-4 - we will be storing the equipment in the 11/12 wing for that day.  You will be responsible for  getting your own equipment on and off the bus during the try-outs !!
    If you do not have your forms turned in and checked by the Athletic Directors office you will not be able to participate!

    The Boys Bowling Squads will consist of a Varsity team a Junior Varsity team and 5 available substitutes.   The make up of the squads will be in the best interest of the team and not individual bowlers. Your skill ,and ability to adapt to the varying  conditions will determine your position on one of the squads.


     START   SEASON      
    wed  15-Nov Try-outs/Practice # 1    
    thur    16-Nov Try-outs/Practice # 2    
    fri    17-Nov Try-outs/Practice # 3    
    mon 20-Nov Practice # 4      
    tues  21-Nov Practice # 5      
    mon 27-Nov Practice # 6      
    tues  28-Nov Practice # 7      
    wed  29-Nov Practice # 8      
    thur    30-Nov Practice # 9      
    mon    4-Dec vs. Cherry Hill High School East @ Laurel Lanes
    tues 5-Dec Practice # 10      
    wed 6-Dec vs. Cherokee @ Laurel Lanes  
    thus 7-Dec Practice # 11        
    mon 11-Dec Practice # 12        
    tues 12-Dec Practice # 13        
    wed 13-Dec away HolidayTournament @ Laurel Lanes  
    thur 14-Dec vs. Pennsauken Tech @ Brunswick Cross Keys Bowling        
    mon  18-Dec Practice # 14        
    tue 19-Dec vs. Eastern @ Brunswick Cross Keys Bowling
    wed  20-Dec Practice # 15        
    thur 21-Dec vs. Cherry Hill West @ TBA  
    Friday 22-Dec winter break from school begins