• Washington Township High School English Department


    The English Department of the Washington Township School District strives to prepare students to be successful in college and their careers.  Through intentional curriculum design and deliberate focus on the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for English Language Arts, our students will be challenged to demonstrate mastery of critical skills to be effective readers, writers, speakers, and collaborative citizens. 

    The following department goals lay the framework by which we make instructional decisions that lead to purposeful teaching and learning with success as the intended outcome.

    Goal 1 - We teach students to analyze and draw relevance from meaningful literature.                                                                                                     

    Goal 2 - We equip students with skills and strategies to lead literate lives. 

    Goal 3 - We engage students in diverse learning experiences that give them voice, choice, and purpose.

    For those students looking ahead to their college experience, we offer two highly challenging courses: AP Language and Composition and AP Literature and Composition. Students who complete these two courses will be well prepared to take the AP exam, which potentially allows them credit towards their college English requirements. Enrollment in these courses is limited to those students who excel in their English courses during their Freshmen/Sophomore years and meet the course prerequisites.

    English courses for Grades 9-12 offer a variety of standards-based learning experiences that are designed to prepare students for post secondary success. We provide a sequenced offering of courses ranging from those students who will most likely enter the work force upon graduation to students who aspire to the most prestigious universities in the nation. Students may choose from the following course levels: College Prep, Honors, AP Language and Composition, and AP Literature and Composition. A number of electives may also be taken: Journalism 1, Journalism 2, Journalism 3, Creative Writing, Film as Literature, and Contemporary Literature. 
    2020 Summer Assignments - Students enrolled in College Prep, Resource, Honors, and AP level English courses will be given a choice summer reading list and reflective assignment. The purpose of summer reading is multi-layered: to ignite a passion for reading and support the retainment of critical thinking and reading skills/strategies, and/or to emphasize the requisite skills and depth of knowledge for students to ensure that all students begin the year prepared for the challenges of the individual course.
    All English Summer Assignment information can be found on the IMC/Library page.
    Note: Assignments completed during the summer will not be counted as major assessment grades.  All in-class assignments related to summer work will be categorized as classwork and/or formative assessments.