• Advanced Placement Courses (Grades 9-12)


    We are proud to offer approximately 30 CollegeBoard-approved Advanced Placement courses and exams for our students: 

    • In addition to published course prerequisites, students should consider their AP Potential in helping them to decide if an AP course is a good fit. AP Potential is a tool that assists schools with identifying students who are likely to score a 3 or better on a given AP Exam, based on research that shows strong correlations between PSAT scores and AP Exam results. When applicable, counselors will discuss students' AP Potential as part of the scheduling advisement process. For more information about AP courses and exams, visit the CollegeBoard AP.
    • It is highly encouraged that students who enroll in AP courses will sit for the course AP Exams in May. 
    • Students not currently enrolled in an AP course are eligible to sit for an AP Exam as well - Speak with your counselor for more information.
    • Students and parents are encouraged to visit the AP Credit Policy specific to each college or university.

    Benefits of AP:

    • Standing out during the college admissions process with your transcript.
    • Taking AP exams help students get a clear understanding of what will be needed to succeed on college level exams.
    • Entering college with AP credits gives students the time to move into upper-level courses in their field of interest.
    • Students who take a corresponding college course, whether by choice or because it is required, will have an advantage over their peers if they take the AP course and exam.
    • Considering your AP scores for the most competitive scholarship awards.
    • Research by the CollegeBoard consistently shows students who are successful in AP courses and on AP exams typically experience greater academic success in college compared to similar students who do not participate in AP courses and AP exams. The CollegeBoard reports that AP students who earn credit for introductory college courses tend to earn higher final GPA than non-AP students and are more likely to graduate from college in four years.