• Backing up files is important to ensure your files and hard work is not accidentally lost. While students should be saving their work to their OneDrive for Business account (or H drive for those who don't have this yet) and it is safely in "the cloud", as a precautionary measure consider manually backing-up your important files incase a file becomes corrupt, is accidentally deleted, etc. 
    The following procedures are recommended for saving files and backing up files:
    • Always save your work to OneDrive for Business and/or H-drive, not locally to your computer. 
      • Anything of importance saved to the computer locally should absolutely be backed up.
    • Backup important files to a flash drive regularly by copying (not moving) your files to the flash drive. 
      • To backup files that are saved locally on your PC or H-drive to a flash drive, plug-in the flash drive, drag and drop the files you want to backup onto the flash drive, once the copy is completed verify they have been copied to the flash drive.
      • To backup files that are saved to OneDrive for Business, login to Office 365, go to the OneDrive page, select the file you'd like to backup and click download, select the flash drive as the location you'd like to save to.