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Children’s Author Timmy Bauer to Meet Virtually with Whitman Elementary School Third Graders

Timmy Bauer Children’s author and illustrator, Walt Disney Company puppeteer and Disney University teacher Timmy Bauer will make a virtual visit with third-grade students from Whitman Elementary on Wednesday, January 27, 2021, at 12:30 p.m. His visit was arranged by ELA teacher Jennifer Campbell.


Bauer, the author of Billy the Dragon and Poisonous Woods, will share one of his books and a preview of his latest work and will engage students in a question-and-answer session as well as an activity.


Bauer has been writing and illustrating since he was 10 years old and pursued his dream to make children’s books that motive kids to want to read more and to challenge then with bigger words and complex sentences.  He hosts the Books for Kids podcast on itunes and is a regular contributor to the Children’s Writer’s Guild magazine.