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District Honors 2022-23 Teachers, Educational Services Professionals of the Year

An auditorium filled with family, colleagues and friends turned out in support of the District’s 2022-23 Teachers and Educational Services Professionals of the Year, as the Board of Education proudly acknowledged the honorees’ numerous individual and collective accolades and contributions to the school community at the January 24, 2023, public meeting held in the Washington Township High School Play House.


The honorees included:


Grenloch Terrace Early Childhood Center

Brittney Walton, Preschool Teacher


Bells Elementary

Lauren Sisco, Second Grade Teacher


Birches Elementary

Amy Lee Souder, Third Grade Teacher


Hurffville Elementary

Caroline Williams, Grade 2 Teacher


Thomas Jefferson Elementary

Lori Morrison, Grade 2 Teacher


Wedgwood Elementary

Autumn Mattera, BSI Math Teacher


Whitman Elementary

Christina Perozzi, Special Education Teacher


Bunker Hill Middle School

Saumil Prasad, Grade 7 Social Studies & Humanities Teacher


Chestnut Ridge Middle School

Michael Ranger, Grade 8 Social Studies Teacher


Orchard Valley Middle School

Lisa Keller, Grade 8 ELA Teacher


Washington Township High

Kathleen Hudak – World Language Teacher (French)

Amy F. Carpinelli – Science Teacher (Physics & Chemistry)


Educational Services Professionals of the Year



Kristi White, Wedgwood Elementary School Counselor



Colleen McKnight, Bunker Hill Middle School Learning Disabilities Consultant



Teachers of Year


The Washington Township Public Schools’ 2022-23 Teachers and Educational Services Professionals of the Year, honored the January 24th Board of Education meeting, included (seated left to right) – Lisa Keller (Orchard Valley Middle School), Christina Perozzi (Whitman Elementary School), Brittney Walton (Grenloch Terrace Early Childhood Center), Amy Lee Souder (Birches Elementary), Colleen McKnight (Bunker Hill Middle School), Amy F. Carpinelli (Washington Township High School), Kathleen Hudak (Washington Township High School); (standing left to right) – Caroline Williams (Hurffville Elementary), Autumn Mattera (Wedgwood Elementary School), Kristi White (Wedgwood Elementary), Lauren Sisco (Bells Elementary), Lori Morrison (Thomas Jefferson Elementary), Saumil Prasad (Bunker Hill Middle School), Michael Ranger (Chestnut Ridge Middle School).