Orchard Valley Middle School

Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence

Guidance Services

The middle schools provide a school counselor for each grade level. These counselors remain assigned to the same students throughout the middle school years. Counselors meet with students individually, in small groups, and in larger group settings. In addition, the school counselors help to maintain open communication between school and home. They assist with appropriate placement of our youngsters in classes and facilitate the scheduling process for successive years. When our Student Learning Communities meet formally each week, the grade level counselor is present to assist teachers in meeting student needs.

Group Guidance

Group Guidance is administered by all of our counselors across all three grade levels. Group Guidance can be the same for some grades such as the orientation program or different at each grade level when a presentation is made concerning the areas of careers.

Each month the school counselor assigned to a grade will make relevant presentations in a classroom setting. Most of the time the counselor has a set of predetermined objectives to accomplish. Other times situations on a particular team may prompt the counselor to develop an alternative group guidance presentation.

Some of the most common group guidance presentations would be on the following:

  • Orientation to the middle school and the role of the school counselor
  • Study skills
  • Interim progress reports/units needed for promotion
  • Peer pressure/self awareness/self-esteem
  • Careers
  • Course Selection 

Contact Information ~ Guidance Secretary ~ Mrs. Scannell 

Phone Number: (856) 582-5176 

Fax Number: (856) 589-0197

 Guidance Office Hours:

7:30 am - 3:30 pm 

ovms guide

Mr. Daniel Jedwabny

Phone:  (856) 582-5353  Ext. 5621
Email:  DJedwabny@wtps.org

6th Grade 


Mrs. Pauline Kolodzey

Phone:  (856) 582-5353  Ext. 5624
Email:  PKolodzey@wtps.org 

8th Grade 

Miss Natalie Marakowski

Phone:  (856) 582-5353  Ext. 5623
Email:  NMarakowski@wtps.org 

7th Grade

Mr. Thomas Woodson

Student Assistance Coordinator

 Phone:  (856) 582-5353  Ext. 5602
Fax:  (856) 589-0197
Email:  TWoodson@wtps.org 

If Mr. Woodson is not in his office,
students may leave a note for him in the Guidance Office.