• The Washington Township Public Schools is implementing a Tiered System of Supports in accordance with the New Jersey Tiered System of Supports (NJTSS).  NJTSS is a framework of academic and behavioral supports and interventions to improve student achievement, based on the core components of multi-tiered systems of supports (MTSS) and the three-tier prevention logic of Response to Intervention (RTI).  With a foundation of strong district and school leadership, a positive school culture and climate, and family and community engagement, NJTSS builds upon intervention and referral service (I&RS) and gives schools a structure to meet the academic, behavioral, health, enrichment, and social-emotional needs of all students.  NJTSS maximizes the efficient use of resources to improve support for all classroom teachers and targets interventions to students based on their needs.  Through regular monitoring of student progress, along with data-based decision making by District problem solving teams and providing a continuum of supports and interventions based on student performance, NJTSS will help the District improve achievement and promote positive student outcomes.  This will happen in phases over several school years.  The teaching staff and administrators continue to work collaboratively to successfully adopt and implement the NJTSS model. 


    The tiered system involves the systematic development of nine essential components in schools for the effective implementation of the framework with fidelity and sustainability.  Those components include:

    1. Effective district and school leadership;
    2. Family and community engagement;
    3. Positive school culture and climate;
    4. High-quality learning environments, curricula and instructional practices;
    5. Universal screening;
    6. Data-based decision making;
    7. Collaborative problem-solving teams;
    8. Progress monitoring; and
    9. Staff professional development.

    For more information about NJTSS, please visit http://www.state.nj.us/education/njtss/

      ONE-PAGE FLYER ON NJTSS:  https://www.nj.gov/education/njtss/brief.pdf

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