• Hero

    Hello, My Name is Hero

    I live at Hurffville School and like all the Hurffville Huskies. 

    Look for me around at all Huffville School Events

    About me:

    • Height: 4 feet when standing on two legs.
    • Weight: 55 pounds
    • Eyes: blue eyeballs, black pupils,
    • Skin: White and Gray fur
    • Physical Attributes: Lean and sleek. Dog Like.
    • Birthplace: Alaska
    • Mom: Happy Husky
    • Best Friend: The Hurffville School Students
    • Favorite Food: Taco in a Bag, Chicken Nuggets, Pizza served in the cafeteria
    • Favorite Movie: Charlie Brown
    • Greatest Moment: The First Day of School.
    • Hobbies: Eating, Recess, Gym, Music, Art

    Look for me around school.