• The Dewey Categories are:

    • 000 General Knowledge.  Encyclopedias, general reference works, computers, newspapers, magazines
    • 100 Philosophy and Psychology.  Optical illusions, brain research, question and answer books
    • 200 Religion and Mythology.  Bible stories, religions of the world, Greek myths
    • 300 Social Science and Folklore (398.2).  Communication, education, law, sociology, transportation, etiquette, folklore and fairy tales
    • 400 Language.  Grammar books, sign language, dictionaries, and picture books in many languages
    • 500 Math and Science.  Experiments, mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, physics, geology, biology, dinosaurs, and books on specific animals
    • 600 Medicine and Technology.  Human body, medicine, airplanes, space travel, cookbooks & domesticated animals such as dogs, cats, horses
    • 700 Arts and Recreation.  Art, artists, how-to-draw books, crafts, origami, music, joke and riddle books, sports
    • 800 Literature. Poetry, plays and classic literature
    • 900 Geography and History.  History, geography and travel, atlases, explorers, and biographies


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