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Country Music Singer, Songwriter and Author Jessie Chris Shares Anti-Bullying Message and Music at Birches

jessie chris Birches Elementary School was stop number 97 on the traveling anti-bullying tour of Jessie Chris, a 21-year-old budding country music singer, songwriter and recent children’s book author.  Chris, Nickelodeon’s “Fresh Face” and a former Billboard Artist to Watch, stopped by the school on January 9th to visit with third, fourth and fifth-graders during an assembly where she read her new book Dreams and sang three of her original songs. Chris also stopped in classrooms for photos and autographs.


“Last year, I made the decision to share my message at 100 schools in one year,” Massachusetts native Chris said.  “Birches is school number 97, and I am so happy to be here.  When I was your age, I was often bullied for being different.  I was told that I wasn’t good enough, and I was made to feel small.  I turned to music as my outlet to make myself feel better.  I wish that I had told my parents or another adult as it was happening, but I didn’t, and songwriting became my diary.”


Chris urged the students to seek out the support of adults if they encounter bullying, to only post positive content on their social media sites, to work hard and to never let bullies see them get upset. 


“Tell people they are awesome. Be Kind. Never give up on your dreams.”


“Because of her age and her platform, Jessie is relatable to our students, and they really seemed to enjoy her and be receptive to her message,” Birches student assistance counselor Mike Petticrew said.  Chris also performed at all three of the District’s middle schools and the five other elementary schools.


chris 2


Birches students welcomed country music singer Jessie Chris to their school with signs and smiles.



chris 3


 Jessie Chris shared her newest song “Rome” during the assembly.



chris 3


 Jessie Chris and Birches students sent a message to Nickelodeon following her performance.