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District Tecnhology Integration Specialist Kathi Kersznowski Earns Award at ISTE Conference

kersznowski As if packing in six presentations at the recent International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference in Philadelphia from June 23-26 wasn’t memorable enough, District technology integration specialist Kathi Kersznowski came away with Flipgrid’s “Student Voice Champion of the Year” award.  Flipgrid, a classroom video platform, surprised Kersznowski with the during an ISTE edtech event called “Flipgrid Live.”  The event was hosted by Flipgrid and included representation from 14 prominent, global edtech companies and more than 1,000 ISTE attendees.


“The award came as a complete and utter shock, truly the best surprise I could ever dream of, and I couldn’t be more grateful and humbled by this recognition,” Kersznowski said. “The announcement moved me to spontaneous tears because I have so much love not just for Flipgrid’s vision and mission, but for the entire Flipgrid team at Headquarters that makes it so special. I am grateful to be part of a community of really inspiring people from multiple edtech companies who support each other and listen to, value and amplify student voices.”


Kersznowski was invited by edtech companies Microsoft, Skype, Flipgrid, Merge, Wakelet and Empatico to represent their products or brands at ISTE.  Her sixth presentation outlined the steps that Kersznowski and her colleagues have implemented to transform educational technology in Washington Township over the past three years.  Her presentations, several of which she co-presented with educators from the United States, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia, included:


  • Wake Up with Wakelet – Top 10 Ways to Boost Productivity and Creativity with Wakelet
  • Empowering Global Citizens with Flipgrid and Skype in the Classroom
  • Teaching for 21st Century Learning (with Merge Cube, Augmented and Virtual Reality, 3D Design Tools, and Microsoft)
  • What’s a Fliphunt?
  • Empatico: Connecting Classrooms to the World
  • What Is a Technology Integration Specialist?  My 12-Step Model To Transform True EdTech Integration in A District