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Banners and Building at OVMS

Orchard Valley Middle School Students Create Building Better People Banner, Friendship Letters


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Orchard Valley Middle School seventh-graders join Mrs. Melissa Polimeni to sign the Class of 2021 Building Better People banner.


WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP – It was an exciting day for students at Orchard Valley Middle School on Friday, November 22, 2019, as the student body signed the school’s No Place for Hate/Building Better People Banners. 


Each OVMS student made a pledge to improve the overall school climate and culture.


“We look forward to more exciting activities throughout the school year to strengthen our bonds of friendship,” said OVMS assistant principal A’ndrea Brown, who helped organize the program with Student Assistance Coordinator Tom Woodson.


Click here for more photos from the event.


ovbetter 2 19 OVMS students in Mrs. Megan Githens’ homeroom link hands as part of the BBP activity.


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