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District Welcomes 69 New Staff Members During 2022-23 New Teacher Orientation


Newly named Interim Superintendent of Schools Jack McGee, a 42-year veteran of the District, invited 69 new staff members, many of whom convened on August 24th at the District’s New Teacher Orientation, to “see the District through the eyes of my team – now your team.”



In addressing the largest contingent of newcomers that the Washington Township Public Schools has welcomed in several decades, McGee encouraged the newest staff members, including many first-year educators, to be their own person.



“If you follow your heart and your mind, and have your heart in the right place, and if you follow the people who support you, you, and ultimately our kids, will grow and succeed,” McGee said. “You are here, as I am here, to help shape the District and to leave a mark that you will feel good about. I wish you all the best.”



“Beyond academics, it is the life skills, the soft skills, the social and organizational skills that make students successful,” Assistant Superintendent for Special Education and Student Services Annette Miller said.  “You are here for a reason.  I encourage you to be positive and to think outside of the box to meet the learning needs of all kids, whether they have an IEP or not.  They are all unique.  Never close the door if you are seeking an answer to a question. Keep asking.  We are here to support you.”



The District’s Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Dr. Janelle Alexander urged the group to look at everything through the lens of equity and to take advantage of upcoming training that they will be immersed in.



“Instead of using the words ‘either/or’, we need to insert ‘and/also’,” Alexander said.  “Everyone around the table is to be valued, honored, seen and heard. You are part of an inaugural cohort of learning, and our training team (including high school teachers Abby Molotsky and Brittany Mason, Supervisor Malika Moore, and Middle School Principals Mike D’Ostilio and Theresa Pietrowski) will be working closely with you to develop fundamental supports that we hope will resonate with you, your students and their families.”



New Members of the WTPS Staff Include:


Grenloch Terrace Early Childhood Center 

Hannah Bronson (Preschool Teacher), Taylor Edwards (Part-time Preschool Teacher), Christina Hackney (Preschool Teacher), Andie Labb (Part-time Preschool Teacher), Melissa McMahon (Preschool Supervisor), Christina Paulsen (Preschool Teacher), Alyson Pulli (Special Education),LeChaur Russell (Head Start)



Bells Elementary

Noah Avis (Music Teacher), Shannon Bailey (BSI Teacher), Jillian Wanielista (School Counselor)



Birches Elementary

Kelsie D'Achillo  (Special Education Teacher), Erika Davis (School Counselor), Trina Ferringo (Grade 2 Teacher)   



Hurffville Elementary

Joshua Atkins (Grade 4 Teacher), Erika Davis (School Counselor), James Frangione (Part-time Music Teacher), Alyssa Fooks (long-term substitute), Maria Guzak (Special Education Teacher), Chelsea  Jennings (Autism Teacher), Brittany Marrero (Kindergarten Teacher), Meghan Pattinson (Special Education Teacher), Kaleena Sauter (Special Education Teacher)



Thomas Jefferson Elementary

Amy Hoffman (Autism Teacher), Briana Kelly (Grade 1 Teacher), Janine Osendowski (Autism Teacher),Renita Reese (Part-time Lang. Lit.), Julie Salerno (Grade 5 Teacher), Madison SeabrooK (Part-time Special Education Teacher)



 Wedgwood Elementary

Erika Davis (School Counselor), Eva DiGiulio (Kindergarten), Katie Dobias (School Nurse), Robert Dobzanski (Grade 3 Teacher), Jessica Myers (Grade 2 Teacher), Lauren Wills (Grade 5 Teacher)



Whitman Elementary

Marlo Tirro (Grade 2 Teacher), James Frangione (Part-Time Music Teacher)



 Bunker Hill Middle School   

Kristina Del Gaiso (Digital Literacy Teacher), Joseph Esposito (Social Studies Teacher), Charles Rojas (Special Education Teacher)



 Chestnut Ridge Middle School       

Alison LaBella (School Counselor), Kelly Lynd (Art Teacher), Courtney Rosenstiehl (French Teacher), Gabrielle Sirolli (Speech/Language Teacher),Victoria Staub (School Nurse), Jimmy Ye (Computer Teacher)



 Orchard Valley Middle School

Sarah Blake (English), Anthony LaRosa (Digital Literacy Teacher), Kelly Lynd (Art Teacher), Chereese Tulino (School Counselor)




Washington Township High School    

Colleen Black (Special Education Consultant Teacher), Brittany Briggs (Spanish Teacher), Francesca Contino-Jackson (Student Assistance Counselor), Sarah Czar (School Counselor), Spencer DeLaurentis (Business Education Teacher), Kristen Disidorio (Spanish Teacher), Ryan Francisco (Special Education Teacher),  Cynthia Garr (LDTC), Eryn Genova (ELA Interventionist), Kaitlyn Gill (Health/Physical Education Teacher), Thomas Jones (Special Education Teacher), Lauren McClellan (English Teacher), Kasey McCullough (Special Education Teacher), Veronica Patras (Math Teacher), Courtney Rosenstiehl (French Teacher), Heather Scarduzio (School Nurse), Alex Snyder (English Teacher), Steve Whalen (Technology Education Teacher)




Kristin Bentley,(Elementary Special Education Supervisor), Lauren Connor (Climate/Culture Specialist), Jessica Gondek (Elementary Special Education Supervisor), Alisa Palazzi (Elementary Supervisor)



Elementary 1


Pictured (Elementary 1)

New staff at Grenloch Terrace Early Childhood Center include (left to right) – Christina Hackney, Taylor Edwards, Hannah Bronson, Christina Paulsen, Alyson Pulli, LeChaur Russell, Melissa McMahon


Elemnetary 2


              Pictured (Elementary 2)

              New staff at Bells, Birches and Hurffville Elementary Schools include (left to right) – Erika Davis, Joshua Atkins, Meghan Pattinson, Kelsie D’Achillo, Kaleena Sauter, James Frangione, Brittany Marrero, Maria Guzak, Allyssa Fooks, Noah Avis



Elementary 3

              Pictured (Elementary 3)

              New staff at Thomas Jefferson, Wedgwood and Whitman Elementary Schools include (left to right)- Robert Dobzanski, Jessica Myers, Eva DiGiulio, Lauren Wills, James Frangione, Marlo Tirro




              Pictured (Middle School)

              New staff at Bunker Hill, Chestnut Ridge and Orchard Valley Middle Schools include (left to right) -Kelly Lynd, Sarah Blake, Kristina Del Gaiso, Joseph Esposito, Charles Rojas, Anthony LaRosa, Gabrielle Sirolli


High School


              Pictured (High School)

              New staff at Washington Township High School include (front left to right) – Eryn Genova, Cynthia Garr, Veronica Patras; (back left to right) – Courtney Rosenstiehl, Brittany Briggs, Kristin Disidorio, Francesca Contino-Jackson, Colleen Black, Lauren McClellan, Kasey McCullough, Kaitlyn Gill, Ryan Francisco, Spencer DeLaurentis




Jack McGee


              Pictured: Interim Superintendent of Schools Jack McGee provided a welcome and introduction to the District at New Teacher Orientation on August 24, 2022.


Annette Miller


              Pictured: Assistant Superintendent of Special Education and Student Services Annette Miller encouraged new staff to “be positive and think outside the box.”


Dr Alexander



Pictured: Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Dr. Janelle Alexander advised the new hires to “look with equity on purpose.”