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Tables are a Checkmate!

Washington Township High School Construction Class Outfits Bells Elementary Chess Club with New, Hand-Made Tables


For Immediate Release
June 13, 2024



The new Bells Elementary School chess tables created by Washington Township High School Construction 2 students are shown off by (left to right) Bells acting principal Shaun Giberson, Bells PTO treasurer Chrissy Pacewicz, Bells Chess Club adviser James Cho, and WTHS Construction Technology teacher Mike Repasy.


WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP – Bells Elementary School welcomed the addition of eight custom-made chess tables, designed and constructed by the talented students of Mr. Mike Repasy's Construction 2 class at Washington Township High School (WTHS). This initiative showcased the remarkable craftsmanship and community spirit of the students involved.


Under the guidance of Mr. Repasy, the following students dedicated their time and skills to this project: Seniors Thomas Ambrose, Nico Arico, Kyle Basu, Evan Bongard, Connor Caffrey, Jack Canning, Matthew Carden, Giovanni Cerrone, Emily Clair, Aaron Jenkins, Sean Johnson, Justin Kraus, Salvatore Mesete, Nicholas Oakes, and Jason Zambino; and junior Izayah Fentress.


The students embarked on this project with enthusiasm and dedication, transforming raw materials into beautiful, functional chess tables that will serve the Bells Chess Club for years to come. Each table reflects the students’ commitment to quality and passion for construction and design.


“We are incredibly grateful to the students of WTHS and Mr. Repasy for their hard work and generosity,” Bells acting principal Shaun Giberson said. “These custom tables are not just furniture; they are a testament to the power of community collaboration and the incredible talents of our high school students.”


The Bells Chess Club members, and adviser Mr. James Cho, are equally excited, as these new tables will provide an excellent environment for practicing and enjoying the game. This project has not only enhanced the school's facilities, but also inspired younger students to appreciate the value of craftsmanship and teamwork.


“We are extremely appreciative of the hard work, dedication, and professional craftsmanship demonstrated by the high school students,” Giberson said. “Their efforts have provided our Chess Club with outstanding new tables that will greatly enhance our program.”

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