• Washington Township Public Schools' Transportation Department

    Suzanne O'Donnell - Transportation Manager
    (856) 589-9190

    Transportation Policy

    Your child has the privilege of using a school bus. This transportation is provided in accordance with state law for children living remotely from the school at public expense. All children are entitled to this provided they do not infringe upon another child’s rights. It is, therefore, important that you impress upon your child the importance of conducting himself/herself in a quiet and orderly manner traveling to and from school. The safety of all passengers demands that the attention of the driver must be on the road and must not be distracted in any way, least of all, by any disorder on the part of the transported children. All buses are equipped with video cameras. The following policy shall be adhered to with regard to behavior on buses: 

    1. Students, upon boarding a bus, shall immediately be seated with seatbelt fastened.
    2. Students shall remain seated until the bus has come to a full stop at their destination.
    3. Students shall at all times keep their entire bodies within the bus.
    4. Hazing of any sort or type shall not be permitted.
    5. Unnecessary noise, shouting, or use of objectionable language shall not be permitted.
    6. Throwing of articles within the bus or out of the bus windows shall not be permitted.
    7. Damage to buses by student shall not be tolerated. Payment for repairs shall be assessed to the parents of the child(ren) involved.
    8. No gum chewing or eating on the bus at any time.
    9. While waiting for the bus, students should line up and be well behaved. Student should not run in the street or on private property. Any complaints from residents will be considered a bus violation.
    10. No student may ride another bus other than the one assigned. If a student misses a bus, it is the parent’s obligation to provide transportation.

    Students in grades 1-5 who are eligible for district-provided transportation or who are eligible for such transportation but elect not to use it, shall be permitted to leave the building unescorted unless the parent/guardian provides prior written notification to the school of any arrangements for pupils requiring an escort. All documented escort arrangements will be considered applicable for the entire school year. Parents/Guardians may alter such arrangements upon prior written notification to the building principal. Alternate emergency arrangements for dismissal must be documented in writing to the building principal on the day of the emergent alternate dismissal arrangement.

    All pupils who are eligible for district-provided transportation and who elect to use such transportation shall be permitted to leave the bus stop even if no escort is present. For pupils who are not eligible for district-provided transportation if the parent/guardian indicates that an escort is required at dismissal, and the escort is unable or fails to pick up the pupil at the time of school dismissal, the pupils will be taken to the school office. The school staff will attempt to contact the parent/guardian or emergency contact person. If the pupil’s escort fails to pick up the pupil from the school office within 30 minutes of the school dismissal time, proper authorities will be contacted, including the local police and/or DYFS. (Board Policy 8601)