• Drama Club Permission Slip

    Drama Club Permission Form

    Attention Parent or Guardian, and  5th Grade Drama Club Participants,

    Your  student has expressed an interest in participating in the Wedgwood Drama Club.  This year we will be performing a talent show, Wedgwood's Got Talent.  Please review the information below and if you agree to the terms as stated, please sign and return the permission slip by Thursday April 14, 2022.  Permission slips will not be accepted after the deadline so please be prompt in their return. 

    Please read the following information and complete the attached Emergency Contact/Permission Slip and return by 04/14/22.


    • Come prepared to showcase your talent. 
    • There are several individual speaking parts. If interested in auditioning for one of these, please get a Monologue from the Website or see Ms. Crum if you are having trouble printing a copy of the monologues.
    • There are behind the scenes parts that you may want to consider as part of the Stage Crew. You do not need to audition for Stage Crew but you still must complete a permission slip.  Again, we won't be able to chose everyone so this will be at the discretion of the directors. 
    • On the Permission Slip please indicate what you are interested in doing as a part of the club.
    • You will choose an audition date. All acts, regardless of whether you want a speaking part or not, must come to one of the auditions.  I will try to accommodate everyone’s schedule.
    • Rehearsals will be on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 8:00-9:20 AM.  A detailed calendar will be provided and also available on the Drama Club Web Page.
    • Participants will be expected to participate in any fundraising activities that the Drama Club engages in.  
    • Students are to be respectful to all participants and the facility. Discipline problems will result in removal from the program!


    • Assume responsibility for the safety and welfare of your child by providing for his/her safe transportation to and from events. No one is permitted to walk home unless escorted by a caregiver. 
    • Must pick your child up, or drop off promptly at the scheduled times.
    • Participants may enter the building by the main door.
    • Are not allowed into rehearsals, please wait outside for your child to exit the building.
    • Must provide your child with anything necessary for costuming associated with their designated role.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Crum  at  kcrum@wtps.org     Please include Drama Club and your students name in the subject.  My direct phone line is 856-218-0957 ext#3712

    Looking forward to working with you all!

    Mrs. Crum

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