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    ¡Hola!  This is where you will acces to your Spanish class  


    Spanish for Kids in preschool, elementary, middle school and homeschools


    Click here to access the Spanish program Foreign Languages for Kids by kids

    Information about 3rd Marking Period 

    Third Grade Students:

    If you have not seen level one of the videos email me at gbernal@wtps.org, give me your grade and the name of your homeroom teacher and I will give your password and your username

    During 3rd marking Period that end on April 13. You  watch the videos in level 2 and 3 and do the corresponding quizzes. 

    If you have already finished 2 and 3, continue with level 4. Your curriculum are levels 1 to 4 only. 

    Click here to learn the lesson with me and important information for the Third Marking Period  

    Here you could play fun vocabulary games to practice vocabulary   

    Fun vocabualry games to learn fruits   

    Click here to play Four in a Row to learn fruits 

    Click here to play Sow Grow 

    Click here to play Hang Men  

    Play Mix and match

    Fun vocabulary games to learn Beverages and snacks 

    Click here to play Four in a Row 

    Click here to play Sow Grow

    Click here to play hang Men 

    Click here to play Mix and Match


    Office Hours: 

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    If you have questions, need help with the videos or with the quizzis, send me an email at gbernal@wtps.org and I will schedule a web ex Spanish class to help you at the following times and day:

    Wednesday 2:30-3:30 3rd grade

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