The primary purpose of the library program is to develop lifelong learning skills in two areas:

    1. An appreciation for literature which will lead to a pursuit of leisure reading and  
    2. Instruction in the basic processing skills that are necessary to enable students to be independent library users.

    In order to meet these goals, we give our students instruction in library skills and also exposure to the best literature available for children of their age level.

    Every student in Thomas Jefferson School comes to the library once a week for forty minutes.

    For Grades One and Two, instruction is given in an informal manner.  Basic library terms are taught.  Students learn to recognize fiction and nonfiction books.  Each child borrows one book each week as long as the previous book has been returned.  Concentration is on developing good library behavior and good listening skills. Children are read to each and every week.  This is perhaps the highlight of a visit to the library.

    In Grades Three, Four, and Five, instruction is done in a more formal manner.  Books and Skills are done on alternate weeks.  Children in those grades may borrow two books at a time, and these books are checked out for two weeks.  On the “off” week, students are given instruction in library skills.  The skills are varied according to the grade level.  Students receive a grade for library skills on the second and fourth marking 

    Perhaps the best lesson for all children to learn is that the library is a friendly, welcoming place containing many wonderful resources that are available to everyone.
    Miss Pierson: Librarian
    bbeares@wtps.org or 856-589-8248 Ext: 3848

    Mrs. Promise & Mrs. Fallon: Library Assistants
    856-589-8248 Ext: 3948

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