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Honoring Their 50th

Wedgwood Elementary School Takes Photo from Above to Celebrate School’s 50th Anniversary


ww fifty 2


ww fifty 1 WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP – The Washington Township Fire Department was on the scene at Wedgwood Elementary School on Tuesday, April 9th, but not to handle any emergencies or even to provide prevention education. No, the fire truck was on hand to help Wedgwood take a very special photo.


This is the 50th anniversary of Wedgwood School, so with the outline of a number “50” chalked onto the parking lot – thanks to teacher Domenick Renzi – the students and staff gathered to create a bold, red 50. Most wore specially created 50th anniversary T-shirts that were provided by the teachers and secretaries of the Washington Township Education Association.


Wedgwood Principal Charlie Zimmerman and PTO president Danielle Moore took turns going up the huge truck ladder with fire department representative Dan Pacewicz. From above, they were able to capture the special photograph featuring the staff and student body.