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WTHS Honors March Students of the Month

Washington Township High School Principal Jonathan Strout celebrated the school’s March Students of the Month at a breakfast in their honor on April 12, 2019.  The honorees included:



freshman on month

Freshman of the Month:
Noah Laliberte





Sophomore of the Month:  Christina DiMaggio





Junior of the Month: Colin Ly





Senior of the Month: Graciela Petrelli




Freshmen of the Month: (Pictured back row left to right): Jacqueline Caserta-Bonnell, Lia Senula, Juliana Brunetti, Addison Sondberg, Sydni Drouin; (front row left to right): Vincent LaRosa, Noah Laliberte; (missing from photo): Gabriella Belfiore





Sophomores of the Month: (Pictured back row left right): Alannah Taylor, Amirah Beasley, Marlene Wallace, Kaylee Luckiewicz, Sabrina Sims, Christina DiMaggio, Nicole Jimenez; (front row left to right): Salvatore Gallina, Jacob Minnick, James Tucker; (missing from photo): Natalie Bittner, Jenna Staab




Juniors of the Month: (Pictured back row left to right): Kylee Jones, Allison Dilks, Devon Parker, Juliana Becht, Skylar Hart, Katelyn Van Mater, Gabriella Raspanti, Kara Mackney; (front row left to right); Ryan DiJohn, Nicholas Bourquin, Colton Murray, Colin Ly, Haydn Dotterer, Eddie Lee, Jr.




Seniors of the Month: (Pictured back row left to right): Graciela Petrelli, Patricia O’Neill, Sarah Colassi. Shannon O’Neill, Gabriela Revelli; (front row left to right): Caleb Weidner, Giuseppe Manzi; (missing from photo): Kayley Andrews, Emily Farlow, Nicholas Geiger.